Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I've been saying it all along!!!!

They stole my slogan!!!
Ritz Crackers now have a TV commercial that ends:" what's on the table is never as important as who's around it. "
  I've been saying that for years! You're probably all sick of hearing it! 
  But, hey, it's true. So I guess now everyone, not only our food allergic community, knows it. 

And don't forget the Cookbook-- thanks. 
You can check out the link below or on the right hand side of the full site. 

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  1. Food allergy is caused by an abnormal immune response to food. Two main categories of food allergy are IgE-mediated and non IgE-mediated, and some allergic disorders have characteristics of both. Reactions involving the skin gastrointestinal, respiratory, or cardiovascular systems may develop. In severe food allergies, anaphylaxis is possible.