Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chicken a la easy

My new year's resolution is to use a little less oil and a lot more chicken. Yesterday, I got a chicken, cut up into pieces, and  put it in a roasting pan. I took a can of diced tomatoes and spooned them over the chicken-- without the liquid, makes it too watery,  Then I diced 3-4 cloves of garlic and sprinkled them over the chicken and tomatoes. And, of course, I added lots of pepper.  Pop it in the oven at 400 covered with tin foil and let it cook for 40 minutes.  Then removed the tin foil, stirred a bit, and cooked for another 30-40 minutes until nice and bubbly.
  I served this with rice, and since the over was on, I roasted Brussel sprouts (halved with a Tablespoon of oil and some water).
  Easy and delicious-- and a pretty healthy way to start the new year.

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