Monday, November 16, 2015

Teen Summit!

The Teen Summit weekend was awesome. So many people and so many memories. A huge shout out to the FARE organizers who did such a good job for us with great speakers, scheduling, and sweatshirts. 
I found friends from years past and made new ones. 
  It's such an amazing feeling to be in a room-- a very big grand ballroom in this case--with over 300 people who "get it." Who have walked in your shoes. 
  People who have made eggless cakes, read countless labels, collaborated with many many teachers and school nurses and packed a 1000 lunches. Just like you. 
  That's who we are-- and we're good at this, really good. And proud of it. We  exchanged information and experiences. Our kids hung out with new friends, sharing stories and texts. 
  And, our "village" -- our food allergy village-- once again empowered its villagers and made us laugh and cry and say goodbye stronger than we arrived. 

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