Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Carnivals. Festivals. Street fairs and BBQs-- July 4th approaches

Summer has arrived-- July 4th Barbecues with family. Maybe cookouts on the beach. Or grilling in the mountains.  Then there's the boardwalk and town carnivals and state fairs and the firehouse pancake breakfasts. 
  Traditions we love-- and traditions we need to make adjustments for. 
  Can you make the side dishes for the family picnic-- so you know they're safe and that your kid has something to fill his plate. Or you can suss out the carnival before you go as a family-- there's often cotton candy and French fries and snow cones-- all of which are usually safe for allergies to eggs, milk, nuts, peanuts, and soy. Of course you have to check the ingredients-- but these are the kinds of items one can find at carnivals and church festivals and town fetes. 
If wheat is allowed -- the traditional vats of " zeppole"-- fried dough with powdered sugar-- are an all-time favorite: they're greasy and sweet and smell divine. In fact, stay far away from them
If wheat isn't allowed since it really feels like you're missing out  if you can't have them. 
 And really the whole point of summer fun is NOT to feel left out.
 For other events in these holiday weekends-- try to control what you can: Bring food-- remember, enough for everybody at the picnic. 
Find one item at the festival or at the street fair that's safe-- like an Italian ice or curly fries-- and everybody have that. 
Take a supply of safe items--and make sure those are completely obviously JUNK food! What's summer for, but junk food. Even if it comes from home and not the boardwalk vendors.  
  And remember to have fun!

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