Monday, December 30, 2013

Italian Benedryl

Yup needed Benedryl in Italy. 
Most pharmacies in Europe are not your standard issue American Walgreens or CVS. You can't go in and grab items off the shelves -- if they have shelves. Mostly there are counters with completely knowledgeable -- and often English-speaking-- helpers. 
In Italy one cannot get Benedryl-- but we got a perfectly good, super fast acting though bad- tasting( who cares) antihistamine : Polaramin
 Something in deli turkey brought on sneezing and red eyes and itchy mouth. -- I must have read something improperly because items are very well- labelled. 

The reaction did not progress and the Polaramin stopped the sneezing and itchiness and didn't even cause drowsiness. In fact we waited about half hour and then my twenty year old was hungry and we went to dinner. ( twenty year olds get hungry after a full sightseeing day)
 So  if you ever need it: Polaramin
We were very fortunate and happy new year to all. 

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