Thursday, December 12, 2013

Advocates Unite

Read this "Nutrition"byte from Science section of Tuesday's New York Times. 
A scientific study, published in a very reputable journal comes to the conclusion that the risk of anaphylaxis is surprisingly low-- compared to life accidents-- and that one shouldn't let food allergies rule yours or your child's life...
  Really? Really?
Does this scientist NOT realize that the incidence of anaphylaxis is low BECAUSE of the precautions we as parents take and the precautions our children take daily to keep themselves safe. 
I mean, really???

From the NYTimes article:
"It’s a matter of not letting food allergy rule your or your child’s life,” said the senior author, Dr. Robert J. Boyle, a pediatric allergy specialist at Imperial College London. “The risk is surprisingly low. You still have to take precautions, but I think it’s important to see it in context.”

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