Tuesday, February 21, 2012

College visiting

College has been wonderful for my son. But with food allergies not so hot.
The problem is proteins. With multiple allergies finding proteins without sauces and breaking may pose a challenge. What options are there? A few
Go to a grocery to purchase cold cuts or beans(While Foods market has juice box containers that arĂȘte package kidney beans. And there's always can openers. )
Send foodstuff to your child. I am notorious for shipping 36 individual containers of Cheerios via Amazon). It's amazing what is now packages for individual use or in resealable packets. Olives! Black olives!
Get a micro fridge
That way your child can have some options. Oatmeal. Rice packets. Popcorn. A place to store food. Baked potato
Some times foods/proteins are there and one just has to find them. Kosher stations are often a good source for food allergic kids. Possibly vegan--but tofu and chickpeas are high on I greediest lists for that cuisine.

My point is dining hall experiences are not as srraightforward as restaurants can be. And yes it's a lot to add along with new friends and classes and living on ones own -- but that's life for our kids and we can help by being the support the springboard for them.

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