Friday, November 4, 2011


been thinking about new recipes-- in the never ending pursuit of what to cook for dinner. And I have a few new ideas-- not exactly recipes yet, but ideas: potato soup-- no cream of potato soup-- just potato soup. With a chicken base and lots of potatoes and green onions and a slice or two of carrots and pepper.

Or Borscht-- now that it's beet season again on my coast. By the way, there's been a frost--heck there's been a blizzard-- so the kale should be tasty now.

A note about college: in our experience, need some supplemental foods-- granted my kid is allergic to all Big Eight foods, but not enough starches and not a strong variety of proteins. But I'm hands off, and he's hands on, so it's working-- with some trips to Treasure Island (the grand supermarket there) and some treats from home (like all moms send).
more later-- and a real recipe for those soups when I get the mix right.

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