Tuesday, July 27, 2010

new products, new ideas

I've tried a few new products:
Mr. Krisper's rice crackers-- we use salt and pepper which can be a little spicy, but can't use the sour cream or bbq flavors-- but delicious and no gluten or wheat.
Vegetarian refried beans: Oy, I forget the company... will update later-- it's NOT Amy's since they use the same lines as other allergens.
Orgran Quick Bread mix-- easy easy easy and no eggs-- just water and margarine
Enjoy Life Bagels-- yummy . They're frozen, and they defrost well in a lunch pack (or an a plane ride!) and they warm up well. We don't have a toaster... don't ask... so wouldn't know about that, but really good. I know that Whole Foods carries them.

As for new ideas: Pasta primavera is a lovely summer dish esp in this heat. I use Tinkyada
Ok funny name, but delicious rice pasta-- cooks al dente, hold it's flavor and shape (use a healthy dose of salt) and is tasty. From an Italian, that's a rave.
I julienne carrotts, rough chop steamed broccolli(or asparagus) into small pieces, thin red or yellow pepper strips, chop garlic, julienne sweet onion, grape tomatoes halved (if you can have them) and frozen peas too. lots of chopped basil or parsely or both.
Drain the pasta, throw in all the veggies and about three tablespoons of olive oil for every pound of pasta, Toss, cover with a plate for a few minutes and then toss again and serve.
You want the tomatoes and onions to wilt, but not get too mushy. salt and a little fresh pepper good here too!
(I have been known to toss in julienne cooked chicken breast as well) We don't include cheese in our house, but a little grated pecorino romano would taste good on it as well.

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