Monday, July 12, 2010

cross country and a shout out

Well, off he goes-- to a program on the other coast, excited, ready, going to be doing some interesting thinking -- and eating I hope.
The school has residential clusters for whom there is a food service which automatically makes vegan and veggie entrees-- and he can ask for anything anytime to be cooked his way, and they already have his box of Cheerios in the office for his use only.... sounds great, so am hoping that it works that way.
And anyway, my kid's ready to make do if he has to-- program attracted him not for the food service!

but enough about separation anxiety! that's a story we all know --whether it's the first time they stay at a birthday party alone or their first overnight trip with school or their first camp summer. the reaction is always YIKES! how'd that happen so fast.

Shout Out: B.R. Guest restaurants In NY there are about five of them-- and one of the principals spoke at the FAAN conference about their kitchens' allergy procedures-- and it was really impressive without being over the top or condescending.
AND-- my thousand -foods-allergic son went for lunch and had the exact experience described at the conference--right down to the little "flag" toothpick that said "allergies" stuck in his hamburger. BRAVO!!!

will keep you posted (bad pun) on progress et al.

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