Monday, April 18, 2016

Letting go with Food Allergies

Lately, I've been enjoying the luxury of not thinking about food. Making it, shopping for it, worrying about it. 
  I am finally "Letting go. " not that I worried when my son lived in another city-- I didn't. I trusted him to do right by himself. And shop, cook and eat properly. 
And he did. 
  But now that he's home again, I had fallen into the gulley of "oh, I'll do that." and had checked out restaurants and encouraged eating before he went out and bringing food to places where the food was uncertain. And all the while
He was saying, "Mom, I'll take care of it."
   Well, after a few stand offs, I realized I was I was being foolish and a helicopter mom: he could take care of it, especially if I stepped out of the way. 
  So, now, I mention where a dinner will be and let him do the rest. If we're at a ball game, I don't bring food -- unless he requests me to (chocolate is a favorite in these colder baseball months.)
  If we're off for the weekend, I don't stock the fridge for him-- you get the picture. 
  But it's tough, stepping away, letting him be independent. After so many years of planning and asking and checking and cooking. But, I am stepping away and I am enjoying the extra time and even more so: I am enjoying seeing my son live so successfully on his own, without my misplaced "assistance" holding him back. 

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