Friday, April 10, 2015

More Cumin Recalls-- and Crushed Peanut Shells

So, it's out there in the news that the powdered cumin that has been recalled has been contaminated with ground peanut shells. 
  The peanut shells are inexpensive and bulk up the cumin. So, in they go. 
  I personally doubt that any factory worker or any producer or owner thought they were putting anyone at risk. 
   And I also personally doubt that this was not a known additive, a known procedure in the industry. For years. 

(As an aside-- walk down the spice aisle
in any supermarket and see the empty rows where cumin and paprika--and chili powder sometimes too. )

   Fillers are used in every kind of food--I'm often amazed what foods include whey or other milk products, which ingredient I always thought was expensive. 
   But it's discouraging to feel that so many products can be contaminated at the source and that we'll never know. 
I know you, like I, often cook from scratch since most packaged products contain something our kids can't eat. And that's the LISTED allergens. 
This is a whole different ball game-- this is an unknown lurking danger. Or the possibility of danger-- and  that's unnerving. 
  So the only option I feel I have is to make everything from scratch and to use salt, pepper and herbs...
Other spices-- I'd grind my own, but will
Probably forgo spices altogether. 
Be well and we'll all have to make Italian food-- no need for cumin, paprika-- plus it's what I know best! 

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