Friday, December 12, 2014

Family, Food Allergies-- Sometimes They Just Don't Get It!

Sometimes families just don't get food allergies. 
 At a Christmas party this week, it all came back to me.   The 30-something son of a longtime acquaintance told me his own son had been diagnosed with celiac. His dad, whom I know to be a smart, concerned grandfather, was good about buying GlutenFree (and had even gotten some foods I'd suggested).  But, this young man said, his dad never said the food tasted good. In fact, his dad always made a big deal out of "going without the real stuff." Did I understand that-- 
  Did I? Do I!  Don't we all. 
My parents were super careful about my son's food-- but they were always sad about what he couldn't eat. And would say-- until I put my foot down-- "oh it's awful he can't have this or that... "  AARGH
  Made me crazy. 
  Like I didn't know that?
  Like we-- like my son -- had to hear that?
  Like my parents saying "poor boy" would change anything?

   Sometimes, families--aunts and uncles, cousins, even grandparents--don't understand what it's all about--
   So, guys, here's a quick lesson:
We need you to say: 
***Yum, this lunch is delicious. 
***Wow, these cookies rock! 

We need you to be happy to be sharing the meal--and we need you NOT to be so focused on the "can't haves."

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