Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cruise Control: Vacationing with food allergies

Vacation! I've been away -- sorry for the radio silence. 
We chose, as we often do, a cruise with Holland America line. We had a great time-- especially because it's truly a vacation for my son-- safe food made specially for him-- and me-- no cooking!
And another benefit is the same wait staff very night for dinner-- staff who strive to make your experience the best it can be. 
AND there's simple easy food throughout the day for snacks: clean salad bars  with no allergenic foods like nuts or fish. Carving stations manned by trained servers who always use separate utensils  for each food. Steamed vegetables and plain rice available for every meal. 
Now there's even quite a few gluten free options, good for some folks though not us. 
And there's fruits and this time, sorbet flavors for dessert-- that was a great thing since that hasn't been the case on previous cruises. I didn't know so i brought chocolate --- usually desserts are an issue because there's only the occasional Jell-O. But I think cruise lines are trying to serve healthier foods which works out for us.  There were Skittles also on the ship. 
  It may seem that I am making a big deal about some dessert-- but there is a focus on food on a cruise-- not so much on this cruise line but still at dinner there are three courses and it's nice if you're not eating dessert while your kid is sitting empty plated. 
 It speaks to quality of life -- my son's, mine, my husband's-- that these little things can make a BIG difference in how much relaxation is actually in the vacation. And this cruise there were many options for dinner as well as fewer substitutions-- food allergies seemed to fade into the background. My son had choices of different meals to eat -- instead of having one safe dish that had to be stripped down to be safe. 
 So we had smooth sailing and good memories!

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