Wednesday, October 2, 2013

College Cooking!

Off he went, with a frying pan* in one hand and a sheaf of recipes in the other. 
So at College: students can eat better -- especially a food allergic student-- with a kitchen than they can eat in the dining halls. Or at least a food allergic student with multiple allergies can. 

Nutrition, variety, safety -- all of these are easier when the food's home cooked. 
Time management, clean up not so much. 
Socializing and community-- a whole new world.  

Like anything new, you have to see what works. Maybe taking lunch or inviting friends over for potluck, or eating before you head to classes. Whatever works. 
  Right now it's great to get texts asking how long chicken needs to cook-- or hearing that a home cooked dinner was delicious! 

Remember-- Any strategy can work, it's trial and error. Just like learning to cook: Sometimes it's burned. Sometimes it's pink. And sometimes, Goldilocks-- it's just right!

 *FYI. Those Revereware pans ain't what they used to be. Not so sturdy and a little light. Just saying. 

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  1. He'll do fine - I can tell you've been a shining example when it comes to all things cooking! So true about Revereware... I've thought the same and still have (and love) my original set from umpteen years ago. Your background pic is gorgeous btw.