Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Christmas Gift

Almost Christmas -- and I'm heading into the holiday happy and healthy. I've tried many new items this season-- I put together candy cane cookies-- which my mom and I made every year. Some years they came out perfect enough to hang on a tree. Some years they burned a bit or were untidy, the red and white stripes not quite separate.

This year I made gluten-Dairy-egg free candy cane cookies which were fat and lovely and the perfect twists of red and white. I was so proud. And I felt this ribbon of connection to my past.
I know I often lament the loss of the thread to my past, to my history. But perhaps I moved beyond that lament this Christmas. I know there is a loss of cultural tradition with food allergies. At least for my Italian tradition. But this year I duplicated the item , but far far more importantly, I duplicated the love and delight I experienced as a child by making this simple candy cane cookie and presenting the plate to my son.
I have always said it's not what's on the plate but who's at the table. And this Christmas that's my gift-- knowing how true that is.

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