Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Now Here This and July 4th

I went to the musical Now. Here. This.   It's a small show with a big emotional punch-- Thomas Merton the religious philosopher of the early 20th century had a theory that we should try to center ourselves in the Now. And be Here. and focus on This.  -- (and yes four crazy funny smart folks made a musical about this concept)
 It's a wonderfully big idea for three words.  Enjoy the moment, the present company, the now.
Not a new idea, but one that was packaged in a way I understood.
  I spent the week trying to slow down, breathe and see what was in front of me. It helped my perspective-- of different we all are, and that we can share the moment, but in our own ways of being and visions--which brings more to the table.
What --you didn't think I'd forget about food did you? Of course there's a table, preferably a dining table where all of us, with our different worlds and our different desires can come to the fore.

And sometimes we have to see that present-- the world where we are helping and sharing and being there for each other-- and see the world from the varied perspectives of those around our tables...

Happy July 4th--be it fireworks and friends or the beach and family or Uncle Vanya and a peaceful city (like me)

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