Monday, September 15, 2008

10 Easy Ways in Which Food Allergies Have Changed How I Think About Myself and Go About My Life

Maybe I'm teasing-- just a little, but here's the list:

Explorer: I have discovered a true love of cooking.

Daredevil: If I can make delicious wheat free, egg free, dairy fee, nut free cake, then I can do anything.
Hostess: All the parties are at my house!

Vanguard: My son and I now see challenges as opportunities to grow.

Colonizer: We've built friendships across state lines and ages and allergy lists.

Fortune Teller: My son--and your kids--will be people who get things done, who command respect, who lead--not follow.

Pilgrim: My family maintains a nutritionally sound diet with lots of fresh foods.

Crusader: I get to educate people-informally & formally-about keeping people with food allergies safe and happy.

Pirate: Arrrgh--we're not different or special or weird--try “food allergic”.

Mythbuster: Sometimes lemons really DO make delicious lemonade!

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