Friday, October 29, 2010

FAAN Teen Summit

As usual-- wow-- Teen Summit was great. Lots of kids and parents sharing their ideas and anxieties and laughter. Mostly about the sharing, and the friendships-- I get to see a number of great friends only this once a year. We spend the time together and just hang out talking about our kids (no surprise) and watching the kids relax among friends. Everybody gets it!!!
and, it always reminds me that other families have it way harder than I do-- either more severe reactions, or school districts that are difficult, or they've just found out, or bullying-- really brings great perspective to my life.
exhausting, but so fun.
I learned that Bacon on a salad bar line is really SOY and flavorings.... who knew.

I learned lots of other things too-- about anxiety and distress and that peanuts don't aerosolize on airplanes (which have very good air circulation systems) and that keeping a kid home from a school trip isn't the best thing to do for protection. offer to go along, send food (obviously) and have the child advocate for self. isolation and withdrawal are not options!

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