Tuesday, June 15, 2010

food on a cruise

End of school and summer weather. going on a cruise where whole family can be carefree-- one chat with the head of dining and viola, meals are cooked to perfection with choices and carrotts cut into shapes!
also so many choices of kinds of food: always burgers( made on separate grills from cheeseburgers!) and chips and soda and Jello and hot food and salad salad salad--which can be carried up to the room for knoshing before dinner! hey I have a teenager-- always hungry.
PLUS he can get it all himself-- no fuss no muss no worries-- for seven days all the same strict standards of preparation and presentation--that is, the sunflower seeds stay in their own closed containers on the salad bar and the dressings are at a different table.
that's a vacation! (Use Holland America cruise line, which on a trip to Alaska had the chef come chat with my son to see what/how his food --on a train!!!-- could be handled--also great medical services, should we ever need them) happy trails.

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