Monday, March 1, 2010

Been away from the blogpost for a while-- been down for the count with the usual winter ills-- better now, but still not at the top of my game. What I mean is--don't expect too much!
So the summer program search is in full swing. far flung as well-- from East coast to West-- and I want my son to go for it-- why not. Soon enough be on his own, and this will be good practice. Worked well last summer and although I was a nervous nellie-- it all worked fine.

Looking forward to adding some links to the website and also being linked to some other sites-- take a look at out of Canada. Interesting friendly site that has recipes and lots of other information--esp for the newly diagnosed.
had the funny experience of re-living the words of my home-ed teacher (yes home ec... from a bygone era--I know and I'm not even that old!)
she was always saying that humidity and altitude have a lot to do with making a cake--well she was right. In the midst of a raging snow storm last week, my cakes did not rise as they usually do--hmmgjf and it was birthday cake too!

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