Tuesday, January 5, 2010

nothing to eat

I can't think of one thing to make for lunch... and a debate weekend coming up--have no clue: chicken breast; steak--fruit leathers.... but then what? a bag of mini rice cakes, rice cakes, apples...ugh I am stumped, probably because just off vacation where the kitchen was my domain and not much had to be carted around and because I, well, just relaxed and served chips with brownies the whole time.
bad mom-- nothing interesting, nothing out there to make, applesauce, cookies, lettuce--I can hear the "again" and it's true--again!
Nutritionist visit well super well-- not enough grains, but on the whole very healthy strong diet. glad to hear it out loud. and got a calcium /D supplement (powedered, Kirkman labs--hypoallergenic) . more grains... tough one for a baking challenged mom-- off to Whole Food tomorrow to find bread mix--or Fairway-- to find bread mix and other Enjoy Life products--bagels, granola(!) and the like--something to spice it up!
Trix cereal, Rice Chex(health valley) and some other things to mix it all up and serve like a grain product... more grains--got polenta too--but not exactly easy to put in a lunch pack!
off to try again, wish me luck!

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