Saturday, October 3, 2009

my webmaster just had a baby boy! how wonderful. I remember those early days of no time to do anything but change, feed, put down to nap and start over! exhausting but luscious.

So nothing on the site will change for a while-- have to make do with those same old recipes for a while.
had a great chat with a young woman who has a third grader who is having some nervousness about having a reaction--had a couple of "unexplained" ones --possible Worcestershire sauce --and who also just became allergic to banannas. yuck I remember being told to take another food off the list-- I used to cry. Now I don't vary anything on the list--which brings me to what my friend and I were discussing--what to make for lunch. I have no ideas anymore and lunch in the pack in boring if nutritious-- have to send a lot! esp on days with sports. I'm thinking of Bento tins to layer up the lunchables-- that would be something different!

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