Monday, August 31, 2009

one of those days where the week unfolds in front of you and all you can see is what you need at the supermarket. Turkey and roast beef and lots of finger veggies for us to take to the US Open; there's a party today-- all afternoon and dinner--so that's portable dinner and dessert (which I do badly, have I mentioned?) and then there's dinner tomorrow night--but thankfully I get home from office early enough to throw in lamb chops. Next week we're having a party and I have gotten the OK to make whatever I want as the party is not for my family, but for a theater group we are a part of.
if I say, 'whew' or "that make the party easier" I feel guilty--and well I should. I only have to cook the food, I don't have to live the life... that's the hard part.
Also, yesterday on the beach--we got fries and a handmade lemonade. Ten minutes later the sneezing, the runny nose, the eyes watering, the genreal miserableness. never progressed into anything else, thank goodness, but... We were on the beach-- so I figure it's the fries--can't be the lemonade--lemons and water?? so no going there anymore--I mean, it's a boardwalk, there's more than one place for fries. But the sneezing, and misery went on for a good few hours, Benedryl and all. just never know.

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